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There are relatively few applications available on the world-wide web by which we can simulate air traffic controlling. The ATC simulator software called London Control, published in 2005 and being developed by the UK-based DM Aviation team is an outstanding one of these. Having bought the London Control software, we will be able to control air traffic in any London FIR APPROACH or ACC sector. DM Aviation released an Adaptation Guide as well, with the help of which we ourselves can develop any air space and air traffic for the simulator. We have developed the Budapest FIR sector file, which can be downloaded from our homepage free of charge, on the basis of the above. This file includes the route, air space and traffic data of the Budapest FIR.

We will try to update the air space and route data of the Budapest FIR, as well as the information contained by the agreements (LoAs) entered into by the air traffic control units of the countries concerned in accordance with the currently effective RAD every 3 months. We tried to make our colour codes and label format appearing on the screen similar to the ones displayed by the automated air traffic control system used by HungaroControl Zrt. (MATIAS). You can download the sector file from the forum (following your free registration). Then the zipped file must be unzipped and saved in the London Control directory. When the programme is restarted, the simulation can be run after selecting the Budapest FIR. You can choose the traffic of which sector you want to simulate. It is possible to simulate both ACC and APPROACH sectors (even several sectors together).

Wishing everyone good entertainment, we look forward to receiving your questions, comments and proposals at the forum:

Péter Balogh and Gabor Holloy (HO)
the Developers



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